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Glam Iconage

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glam_icons is a community that has been created to go hand in hand with
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<lj comm="glam_icons"> is a community that has been created to go hand in hand with <retro_icons">. Where <lj comm="retro_icons"> provides icons for anything pre-1970 <lj comm="glam_icons"> is for anything and everything 70s and 80s...NOT JUST GLAM! It can even be 70s and 80s revival that is so popular at the moment.
Anything icons you think are relevent to this community are welcome. If you are in any doubt feel free to contact me, your maintainer: <lj user="mysteria_78"> at any time via email at mysteria_78 AT livejournal DOT com.


1.Please remember to use the lj-cut tag for posts containing more than one or two icons. This is the one thing that will aggrivate me. If you forget this more than twice, you will be asked to leave the community.

The cut tag looks like this:

[lj-cut text="YOUR TEXT HERE"] (use <> instead of [])

2. Please do not claim icons you acquire here as your own. Icon makers spend hours on these and take alot of pride in them. So give them credit! And giving praise is always welcome!!! ;)

3. Please only post in relevence to icons. No quizes, surveys, etc...I may post an occassional question for the community...

4. Artists may make their own rules in regards to sharing and customizing. Please respect these! And ALWAYS leave a comment if you take an icon.

5. Play nice!!! No rudeness will be tolerated!!! </b>